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Our Value Proposition

BMC Protect is committed to supporting our distributor partners as a key component of our mission to help keep people safe by providing the right PPE and infection control products.

Our quality PPE and infection control products are in high demand.

Achieve excellent margins through quantity discounts and tiered pricing.

Operational excellence means your customers can get products when they need them.

Our recognized brands provide your customers confidence and trusted reliability.

Support for You and Your Customers

Product Expertise

We will ensure your team is supported with complete product information, selling descriptions and features and benefits, in order to sell more product and generate greater revenue. Our experts can quickly answer your questions to make sure you have the right information.


Promotional Support

We have broad marketing programs for product launches and ongoing promotion. This helps you grow your business with existing customers and reach new customers. Key components include Social Media, PR, and digital and print advertising.


Marketing Collateral and Sample Program

Helping you simultaneously promote your brand while you raise the awareness of ours. We have customizable sell sheets and corporate presentations, as well as a package of digital assets so you can easily start listing our products with a familiar brand presence. Our robust sample program allows you and your customers to experience the quality of our products before purchase.

Our Brands

GripProtect® Exam Gloves

Our medical grade, disposable exam gloves exhibit excellent barrier properties and are extremely comfortable. Stringent QC testing ensures consistent performance across a broad range of uses.

GripProtect® Masks and Isolation Gowns

An excellent complement to our gloves, our apparel is designed to meet medical standards to protect face and body from potential infectious agents.

TENDERProtect® Adult Wipes

GripStep® Shoe Covers


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


A:  What BMC Protect needs from you

    What BMC Protect provides to you

  • W-9
A: This is a state license that allows you (and us) to sell items at a wholesale or retail level and to issue resale certificates to suppliers. Your Seller's Permit contains a permit number issued to your business which is used on the Resale Certificate.
A: State government tax agencies require us to have a signed certificate indicating that the products you purchase from us are solely for resale. Please insert your state license number, then sign and date the certificate.
A: If you're going to be requesting credit terms from us, we require a completed credit application, including a Dun & Bradstreet DUNS number, if available. We will process a D&B Credit Evaluator Report and verify all trade references.
A: We will send you a completed W-9 form with our Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and form of organization because you may be required to fil an information return with the IRS. It's common accounting practice to require a W-9 before making any payments to new vendors.
A: All products sold by BMC Protect are recorded on an invoice on the day of shipment as required by accounting principles. All sales are recorded daily, and an invoice is sent via email to all customers whether a balance is due or not. This allows our customers to know the proper number and type of items sold, unit and total pricing and, most importantly, shipment tracking numbers. Customers may use this detailed invoice to properly record the purchase for reporting and tax purposes.
A: We have converted to a more efficient paperless system of delivering all our sales invoices to save mailing time and costs. This allows BMC Protect to maintain lower costs and provide customers with invoices and tracking information in the shortest amount of time.
A: Response times from trade references are unpredictable and can sometimes take days to weeks to be returned to us. We always do our best to make credit decisions as soon as the trade reference responses become available. To assist with saving time, please make sure the Trade References on the credit application is filled out as fully and accurately as possible.
A: We accept all major credit cards, with preauthorization, checks, ACH and wire transfer payments. If requesting credit terms, a customer must complete our Credit Application.


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