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Use GripProtect Gloves for Protection Against Fentanyl

What is fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid created to treat severe pain, such as for advanced-stage cancer and treatment post-surgery.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that it is 50x stronger than heroin and 100x stronger than morphine.

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BMC Protect 1H 2022 Summary

It’s been quite an exciting and interesting time in the glove market for the first half of 2022.  We experienced quite a bit of volatility in the market, as a result of demand starting to wane from COVID-19 pandemic surges.  Although supply chain issues were still contributing to overall higher inflation for some consumer goods and services early in 2022, glove prices kept falling, and we’re starting to see prices stabilizing to near pre-pandemic levels.

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Advantages of Natural Rubber Latex Gloves

Latex rubber is still a very popular choice for disposable gloves, despite the growth of other glove material types such as nitrile and vinyl.  A key benefit of latex is its property of being more elastic than synthetic materials such as nitrile and vinyl - this confers better flexibility and comfort than other materials.

What are some other benefits of latex and what applications is it suited for?

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