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Protecting Both Workers and Customers in Non-Healthcare Settings

Whether you work in food service, automotive, tattoo shops or other industrial work settings, BMC Protect has the right products to improve occupational and consumer safety. Increasingly, companies are emphasizing the importance of protecting its workers and customers by providing PPE to protect from cross contamination and potential biohazard or chemical risks, ensuring the safety of everyone onsite.

Commercial industries often have high traffic areas and indoor spaces that are not well ventilated, increasing the potential for bacteria and virus transmission. Higher-risk industrial jobs sometimes involve strong chemicals, such as acids, bases, bleach and acetone, requiring essential barrier products with high chemical resistance. Trust our expertise at BMC Protect to provide safe, cost effective, quality products, such as disposable gloves, masks and surface disinfectants, to protect your workers. We have the right product for your situation.


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Customer Focus - Annabelle's Candy

Annabelle’s Candy has been making sweet treats for over 70 years and is home to legendary candy bar brands including Abba-Zaba®, Rocky Road®, Big Hunk®, U-NO®, and Look!®. The company was founded by Sam Altshuler, naming it after his daughter, and is still run by the Altshuler family, who make the candies by hand in their factory in Hayward, California.

Annabelle’s Candy has been a BMC Protect customer for over 10 years. We have provided PPE such as disposable gloves, hair nets, and beard covers to help protect both workers and consumers in their operations. Our relationship Annabelle’s Candy is a model of support, communication and customer satisfaction and loyalty that we strive for every day at BMC Protect.

“BMC Protect’s products and services are excellent.  Since we’ve been in business with BMC we have never had any issues on delivery or orders.“ - Annabelle’s Candy Company

How the COVID-19 pandemic influenced our work lives

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many industries, not just from an economic standpoint but also in the way companies think about caring for their employees and customers. As more customer-facing businesses and offices begin opening again, we foresee an elevated standard to protect workers and consumers will continue far beyond the height of the pandemic. BMC Protect is committed to providing the right products to help control further spread of SARS-CoV-2 and any other pathogenic agents.

The increased level of worldwide demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also expected to continue well into the future. BMC Protect is continuing to manage and improve our supply chains with a heightened focus on operational excellence in order to best meet the ongoing needs of our customers in the retail and industrial markets.

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