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BMC Protect 1H 2022 Summary

BMC Protect 1H 2022 Summary

It’s been quite an exciting and interesting time in the glove market for the first half of 2022.  We experienced quite a bit of volatility in the market, as a result of demand starting to wane from COVID-19 pandemic surges.  Although supply chain issues were still contributing to overall higher inflation for some consumer goods and services early in 2022, glove prices kept falling, and we’re starting to see prices stabilizing to near pre-pandemic levels.  Other possible reasons for lower glove prices include more suppliers in the market over the past couple of years, many from China, and some vendors and distributors needing to sell down their inventories because they overbought last year.

Contact us for the latest pricing – some glove products are more than 25% less than at the start of 2022!

We continued to see strong uptake and performance in various market segments including:

  • Medical/healthcare
  • Janitorial and sanitation
  • Tattoo
  • Grocery and food service
  • Agriculture/hydroponics
  • Industrial and automotive

Buying was not quite as frantic as what we experienced last year, but many customers were still looking for the optimum balance of value and quality [which our GripProtect® gloves provide!]. 

Black nitrile glove between 3.5 mil and our thicker 5 mil continue to gain popularity in non-medical markets.  The black color is stylish and cool and helps hide stains and dirt.  Blue nitrile 3.5 mil gloves continue to be the gold standard in medical environments for the opposite reason – they show contaminants clearly, so users know when to switch gloves.  Latex gloves are still popular with many users, and thicker latex gloves like our GripProtect Ultra 8 mil are a standout in markets like automotive repair.

We have a full stock of gloves – nitrile, latex and vinyl.  Contact us for latest pricing – our prices include delivery so all-in and no shipping charges to worry about.

Popular gloves in stock:

GripProtect® Precise Nitrile 3.5 mil

GripProtect® Precise BLACK Nitrile 3.5 mil

GripProtect® Precise BLACK 5 Nitrile 5 mil

GripProtect® Operon Latex 6 mil