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Blog Update - Global Nitrile Glove Market Expected to Grow Double Digits for Years

Blog Update - Global Nitrile Glove Market Expected to Grow Double Digits for Years

Several recent market research reports have estimated the global market for nitrile gloves at between $4-5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow in a range of 13-20% annually to reach a value of $11-15 billion by 2027. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major driver for growth in nitrile gloves.  Single-use nitrile gloves are recommended to prevent the spread of disease and keeping facilities sanitary during medical procedures.   Other drivers for nitrile gloves cited by the reports include a preference for non-latex protein-containing gloves due to a increased incidence in latex allergies in healthcare settings.

Industries such as medical, dental, food service, agricultural and chemical are predicted to propel the growth of the powder-free segment of nitrile gloves at a significant rate.  Powdered gloves have been correlated with certain skin and respiratory sensitivities, which led to the US Food and Drug Administration’s ban on powdered examination gloves in 2017. 

Although both medical and industrial grade gloves are expected to grow in use, medical exam grade gloves will be in constant demand due to heightened awareness and precautions in healthcare settings, especially during the pandemic and likely for an extended period after COVID-19 infection rates decline.

BMC Protect has a great selection of medical exam grade, powder-free and latex-free nitrile gloves in stock.  Our GripProtect® brand of nitrile gloves are all formulated to be resistant to select chemotherapy drugs, adding a layer of protection for healthcare workers.  Select products are also resistant to fentanyl.

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